Lead Bartender

Anthony has over 12 years bartending experience beginning in his home state of Minnesota where he worked in not only his family restaurants but in his business. He’s lived in Phoenix for 21 years and has been smiling behind the bar at Stacy’s at Melrose since opening day. He delights in meeting people from all walks of life and has developed his own signature drinks: a Blueberry Martini—and a crowd favorite— The Panty Dropper. A Renaissance man, Anthony is a builder/designer who finds it rewarding to envision, design and build a pile of materials into a thing beauty.




Foster is originally from Los Angeles but has enjoyed the sunny climate of Phoenix for 30 years. Foster has an extensive bartending career beginning when he was 19 years old at “Brazil,” a now defunct night club located in Scottsdale. Foster relishes the bartending “spotlight” and the roar of a crowded nightclub. Ask him about his featured drink—his yummy customized version of the White Gummy Bear shot. In addition to his bartending career, Foster also has a career in hairstyling and oversees the daily operation of his salon studio in Paradise Valley. During his free time, Foster enjoys any outdoor physical activity such as hiking, biking, sports, etc.